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You Should Call Me Al

Sung to the tune of "Call Me Al", by Paul Simon
Lyrics by Terry Goodwin

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Man walks out to the mound
He says, why is my stuff getting hammered now,
Why is my stuff getting hammered
Been painting the corners so well.
This is my career opportunity,
I want to go professional
Donít want to end up a lifer
In the rookie bus-leagues
Round-tripper, Round-tripper.
Tattooed my fastball,
Sailing past that outfield wall.
Mr. Umpire, Umpire
Call that outside strike for me,
Then I might not get my stuff abused all afternoon!

If you argue any call,
You can hit the showers pal.
Call it like I see it,
And next time when you argue,
You should call me Al!

Man walks up to the plate
Hey says, why am I 0-for-3 today.
Canít let myself go 0-for-4 this game.
Iíll end up riding the pine!
I deserve more than this,
There is no strike zone.
Got to protect the plate
Now that the umpire has called
Strike, Strike
Stepped out of the batterís box
I couldaí swore that last pitch was way outside
Called Strike-Three, Strike-Three
I stood with disbelief and horror,
I stood with a really blank stare.


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